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Judy Needs a Drink!

Twice. It's noon and I've unloaded the dishwasher twice today. Judy needs a drink.

Years ago, wait, no, it was just months ago, I was having a particularly tough day and I impulsively posted a naughty sponge that we sell in the store on my personal Instagram. What is a naughty sponge? I thought you'd never ask.

I sold out of the sponges that day, an added bonus to my social media self-expression. I also received a stern but loving message from someone I love. They suggested the sponge was not in good taste and reflected poorly on the store. I'm a dig-your-heels-in-kind-of-gal so naturally I left the post up. It was my personal page after all so who gives a sh!t*?

*I grew up in a household where at an appropriate age sh*t was not considered a bad word. Depending on your inflection sh*t can encompass almost every emotion. Joy, Anger, Frustration, Endearment. Try it sometime, you won't be disappointed.

Ok, back to the obscene amount of dishes. We're quarantined again after having direct contact with a COVID positive patient. 14 days back at home with 3 kids. My head is spinning about the last 12 months. F*@k Dish Sh*t. I need that sponge right now.

I want to address that we are grateful for our health, our support system and the resources to face this pandemic and adjust. I know and feel what a luxury and privilege it is to be inconvenienced and not devastated by our quarantine right now.

Real time: I cannot get anything done. My phone just buzzed with news of a new storm developing in the Gulf of Mexico and I had to unclog a toilet thanks to an aggressive 3 year old. Judy needs a drink...It's 3:30 now so that's more appropriate, no?

Again, F*@k Dish Sh*t.

I started writing this with no direction and realized really nothing has formed. Ahhh, it's like my brain right now.

My intention is that these posts will be focused. Well, that's a lofty goal for me right now since there are screams coming from outside that sound like howler monkeys. I'm sure the girls are fine.

I want to highlight artists and brands we carry and love. I want to connect with our customers near and far. I want you to see that we are people, working through some tough times, trying to make thoughtful decisions about our vision and direction. I want you to see us having fun. I want to see you having fun! I want to support and highlight other local businesses as we grow and learn from this year. 

I'm sure you got all of that from my story about subversive sponges, yes?

So much of what I thought would happen this year has changed and so much will continue to change. I hope you'll follow along.


Quin was cringing at my use of profanities in here so please know that he does not approve of this message :) Digging my heels in again.

Swimsuit yoga on the porch, Boucaner wine in a Ridge Walker Glass.



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